Goat farming

In ruminant animals goat and sheep are the first domestic animal. Goat are very useful animals. Meet and milk of goat are very nutritious and goat farming is very easy. Goat are small so it take small place and it suffer from disease less than other domestic animals. They are very productive cause female goat give birth minimum 4 child in a year. Generally black Bengal goat is very familiar in Bangladesh.
Benefits from goat, Goat farming got farming in bangladesh, breeding  Goat ,Jamunapari goat gives a large quantity of milk, nutritious,  protein in goat milk,

Benefits from goat :
Goat are become perfect for breeding within 6 or 7 month and goat give birth minimum  child in a year.
goat are small domestic animal so it takes small place. Small capital is needed for goat farming so everyone can do it.
goat can survive easily than others domestic animals.
goat need little amount of food than cow or buffalo.
it suffer from disease less than other domestic animals. 
milk of goat are very nutritious.  

Goat milk :
Black Bengal goat give a little quantity of milk but Jamunapari goat gives a large quantity of milk. Goat milk and its products of yoghurt, cheese and powder have three-fold significance in human nutrition. Feeding more starving and malnourished people in the developing world than from cow milk. treating people afflicted with cow.
Milk allergies and Castro-intestinal disorders, which is a significant segment in many populations of developed countries; and  filling the gastronomic needs of connoisseur consumers, which is a growing market share in many developed countries. It has been found that goat milk has a significantly higher dye-binding capacity per unit protein
(1% more than cow milk) and a lower infra-red
absorption (4% less than cow milk), making it necessary to use different calibration curves for each species to measure milk protein
content. This has been confirmed in studies, when testing with cow milk standards resulted in 0.04% less fat and 0.27% less protein in goat milk.
Goat Meet : 
Goat meet is known as mutton in our country. The nutrient value of meat, as also other food items, is becoming increasingly important in the health
management of people. Calcium is an important element in the body required for bone development, neuron-muscular activity, secretory
functions, buffers, certain co-enzymes and nutrients for the nursed young. A comparison of the vitamin content of mutton, liver and kidney indicates the richer source these organs are than muscle. These differences could be expected in goats also.
Goat skin :
Plain, natural shaped calfskin and goatskin hides are becoming more and more popular for accent pieces. In addition, many people buy calfskin to make into lampshades.
A single goat skin hide will measure approximately 2 x 3 feet in dimension, with a typical calf skin being about the same size. This is the perfect size for a small accent rug. In addition, both, goat skins and calf skins can be easily cut up to use in upholstering furniture.

Goat hair : 

Goat is the source of the wool that becomes cashmere fiber for clothing and other textile articles.

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