Taro cultivation

After complete this lesson you will be able.
Knowing about importance and use of taro.
Knowing about climate and soil demand of taro.
Describing cultivation method of .
Knowing about internal nursing of taro.
Describing collect crops and production of taro.

Scientific name :  colocasia esculenta var .antiquorum.

Taro (colocasia esculenta var .antiquorum) is Araceae families vegetable. In production taro is very important in Bangladesh. It cultivate all in Bangladesh sylhet,jessor,bogura is famous for taro. Somewhere it’s calle.

Importance of taro:
cultivate,colocasia esculenta var .antiquorum. vegetable,cultivate ,Seeds weight,hector, irrigation in taro,In vitamin colocasia esculenta var .antiquorum. is very important.  Taro is full a lot of vitamin instead of potato . in a statistics we can see taro’s digest power is high. In taros leaf we can see a lot of vitamin that can’t found in any other vegetables. In taro there are many medicine quality.
Climate,land and soil:
Taro likes dry and wet climate. 25°-40° c temperature is good for taro. It’s grown well in lightly land. Flood free sandy of two grains to of two grains land is important for cultivating taro.
Verities : 
In Bangladesh cultivated a lot of verities of taro. Locally some verities just lalmy, sylity boguriy lakhikundu jessory taro is important. Bilasi is a  high product verities. It’s tree is high, green  and product a lot of small plant. Taro (colocasia esculenta var .antiquorum.) products 25 ton per hector.
Panchomukhi taro, garo taro, thama taro , garo  thama taro, jangli taro etc are same group.

Pedigree extension
Taros  Pedigree extension is done by cor.

Planting time of taro :
Taro is a khorip monsoon crops. Crops will be grown in last part of winter(January-may). March month is the best time for growing taro before march if plant grow, it’s production will low. After weaving seed soil will be covered with mulching.

Seeds weight:
Cultivating taro needs 800-1000kg corn seeds per hector.

Make land:
For cultivate taro soil will be drizzling properly. Seeds can be weaving various method. Generally it grow in land by furrow. Taros seed plant in rank. Every rank will far 40-50 cm.

Weight and use of fertilizer in cultivate taro:

Weight of fertilizer
Time of use
Nitrogen  1st step
After 15-30 days of plant grow
2nd  step
After 60-90days of plant grow
Make a land
M P 1st step
Make a land
1st over use
After 15-30 days of plant grow
Cow dug
Make a land
Mustard cake
Make a land
All cow-dug fertilizer mixed with soil in the time of making land.

Other nursing 
Irrigation: in taros land will be given little irrigation. After plant a bit irrigation helps grow plant quickly. if   not rain or soil wet low then needs irrigation. Irrigation will be given by the canal in middle of two tardy. This canal are used both irrigation and extraction.soil give on trees tuber and give straw on land: Ride give high is a main nursing  of taro. Ridge can’t give in 1 time, it gives 2-3 times. If trees tuber covered properly then small plant can’t grown. Malching  is very important  for taro. Straw is to be given on land so that illegal plant can’t grow. It also helps to fertile the land.  
Insects and diseases: leaf scorch diseases is very harmful, it can control using cooper.

Crops life time:  Generally taro is 150-210 days crops.

Collect crops: in the rainy monsoon taros leaf will red and yellow. it is the time of collect taro. Generally it collects in November to December. If we want to use it as a seed we will collect it after tree die. After cleaned it can be stored and sell.        
 Production: production depends on climate, verities and nursing. It product 20-25 ton per hector.

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