Lady's Finger/Okra

After complete this lesson you will be able to.
Describing about the importance of Lady's Finger/okra .
Describing about production monsoon, select soil and seed weaving of lady's finger/okra .
Writing about climate and soil Ear-mark of Lady's finger/okra .
Knowing internal nursing of Lady''s finger/okra
Describing about control diseases, collect crops and production of Lady's finger/okra .

Lady's finger/okra .        

Scientific Name: hibiscus esculentus .
Lady's/ finger/okra(hibiscus esculentus) is a vegetable of malvaces family.

It is main khrip vegetable in Bangladesh. It has vitamin B and C and a lot of vitamin A, calcium, iodine, Phsphorus, iron, Protein etc. Eating Parboil is very much useful for human body.

Climate, land and soil:

Warm climate is useful for health. At night trees grow rapidly. It grows well in dry and wet climate.
It grows all monsoon in our country but it mainly cultivate in khorip monsoon. In winter season tree and fruit become small and production became low. of the two grains soil, rain water can’t reach and water extention system is need for lady's finger/okra cultivation. soil Ph 6-6.8 is good for cultivation.

In Bangladesh there is no approachable verities. In farmer level many verities are cultivate. In many verities pantagreen PANTAGREEN AND PUSHA is noticeable. Others are  hoyat   HOYAIT,VALBET,KABULI,DOYARF, DOYARF PROLOFICK, JUMU ARLY, SHRABONA ,PUSA MOLMOLI etc. 

Pedigree extension: Pedigree extension of lady's finger/okra is done by seeds.

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