Teasle Gourd

Teasle Gourd is a costly  pumpkin racial crop. Teasle Gourd reserve a long time. Every year Bangladesh export a lot of teasle gourd in  and England. Recently cultivation of Teasle Gourd is extended in Bangladesh. In that case barmon bariya distic and akhaura thana cultivation Teasle Gourd overspreadly.

Climate and land Soil :
For Teasle Gourd gourd needs warm and wet climate. Puoduction become more in full light land.  Teasle Gourd grows in Bangladesh only June & July For cultivation Teasle Gourd needs middle highe to high land that has Flood free and water extraction. Teasle Gourd grows well of two grains well. A little acid soil is good for Teasle Gourd 
Species :
In local species Ashani Monipuri, Mukundopuri, is mentionable Ashani specis fruits are tasly and roundish Monipuri's fruits are long and delicate but gives more production.

Life Time of Crop : To get production of teasle gourd need 200-270 days. 

Pedigree Extension :  Pedigree extension of Teasle Gourd is done by various method like radish, real seed generally pedigree extension is done by radish. Pedigree extension is very easy . We also get plant from real seed but it has many problem . Example seed does not grow more than 50 percent and it is also possible to grow 50% lame tree. 

Time of Planting Tree :  Generally  Teasle Gourd  cultivation  in the month of April-May to &  August to November . January-March is the best time for planting tree warm and wet environment is necessary for planting for radish.

Seed Weight :  For cultivation Teasle Gourd  needs seed radish according to list. 

The list is give below.
Need 150 kg /hector or 1600-2500 radish hector. Every radish must be long at 15-20 cm.
Number of Radish
Female : 1440-2250 hector
Male  : 160-250 hector
Weight of Radish
Female  : 142.5 kg/ hector
Male : 7.5 kg / hector

Make Land and sow radish :  
A List is given below about make bade and tardy. 

Size of Bade
45 cm .
Depends on land length .
Size of Cannel
30 cm.
20 cm.
Size of Tardy
45*45*45 cm .
Number of Rank per bad
Rank to par Rank
Tree to Tree
200-250 cm .
200-250 cm .
Number of tardy per head to

Number of Tree
Female :
Male  :
160-250   (5-10% ) of total tree.

Astounding to the  measure make tardy in the time of making tardy fertilizer, Cow-dug,etc. are properly given with soil Sometimes a little water will be give the tardy and soil will be pouted into disorder. 2-1 days
 Before grow radish, the soil put into disorder for last time and give irrigation cow-dug is given to the tardy. When 10-15 days passed the radish is grown to the tardy . Radish is grown 4-6 cm depth and land will be covered by the stow. Male tree will be pl;anted 15-20 days before female tree. Because female tree cought flower after 1520 days.
Male tree : 

Weight  of fertilizer and method of use:
Weight of fertilizer method of use of Teasle gourd is mentioned below : 
Fertilizer Name
Middle Fertilizer Land
Kg/ hector
Middle Fertilizer Land
Time of Given Fertilizer
Total 300-400 kg/hector
1st time over use (best 6 time)


After one month of plant grow .
Next use after 25 days.
T.S.P  Total 150-200 kg/hector
1st Time
2nd time


Before last cultivation.
 Time of making tardy.
M.P  Total: 300-400 kg hector
1st Time
1st time over use
Next per  over use


Time of making tardy.
After 30days of plants.
After25 days.
Best 6 Times
Mustard oil-cake
Total 500 kg/hector
1st time
2nd time



Before last cultivation.
Time of making tardy.
Cow-dug Total
Total 1500 kg/hector
1st time
2nd time



Before last cultivation.
Time of making tardy.

Nitrogen  and M.P Fertilizer will be given around the tardy and will be mixed with soil-after 25 days of first over use will be done. In that way over use will be done 15 August to 15 September  T.S.P mustard soil –cake, cow dung will be give half on land and half on tardy.  

Other Nursing : 
Which crop grow quickly that grow in the rank of Teasl Gourd. 
Irrigation and Extraction : 
In the Teasle Gourd  land, irrigation is easy able by using canal two size of the bade. It is possible irrigation all the land and extraction extra water by the canal. The soil must be wet 50% all year.

Making Plat Form:
When teasle Gourd become total 10-15 c.m then bamboo given trees Orthodox. When tree bicome 50 c.m total  give . When tree 50 c.m tall 105 meter height platform will be given.

Artificial Pollinate:  
Teasle Gourd is other live flower tree. so, good production artificial Pollinate is need. Though bees can do the pollinate but in the raring season its presentation is small. Artificial pollinate will bed done int the morning.

Worms and insects control :
Fly insects, fodder insects, red gourd vicious and Epilogue vicious are attacked Teasle Gourd  as lime sweet gourd. Attack mark harm an dcontrol method are same Besides insects attack is seen in Teale gourd. That insect enter tender stalk and eat tender part of the stalk.Its control method is same as Mazaraq insect.
Plant turned on one side disease:
It is a disease of fungus. Generally it is attacked tender trees orthodox part. Attacked part will roof and die the plant. To control it disease free radish snow, attracted  tree put out and need water extraction.

Pouder milvita :
 It is also a disease of fungus. White prouder is seen on the leaf that destroy the left 2 gm thiovita  mixes with 1 litter water and spra it to per 15 days control it.

Mojaik Various :
 For attacking this various tree leafs are become green and yellow. For it tree grow lost to control it use disease tree plant and attacked tree put out.

 Life time of teasle Gourd  :
After 200-270  days is need to collect crops from plant.
Collect crop and production : When Teasle Gourd become green and yellow then it time o collect. Generally after  pollinate 10-15 days Teasle Gourd and collect. Its production 10-20 ton per hector.

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