Benefits from sheep

 Benefits from sheep : Sheep are prey animals with a strong gregarious instinct, and a majority of sheep behaviors can be understood in these terms. The sale of meat is the most profitable enterprise in the sheep industry, even though far less sheep meat is consumed than chicken, pork or beef. They do not require the expensive housing. Sheep can  consume plants, such as noxious weeds, that most other animals will not touch, and produce more young at a faster rate. Sheep meat and milk is good for health.

Accommodation of sheep :
Accommodation facilities is not very important for sheep. They like to move freely in field. They rest together in night but they need accommodation facilities in winter season besides this there are some reason,
they need perfect rest in night time.
getting protect from other animals.
for taking milk.
better care for pregnant and child.
getting protect from thief.
getting protect from natural disasters.

Pattern of accommodation :
There are three types of accommodation-
1. Open space – this type of accommodation is perfect for those zone where rainy season is short. It made by fence and it has no shade.
2.semi-open space- it also made by fence and it has shade in some place.
3. Housing system- this type of room is covered totally by shade. There is sufficient distribution of light and air. Protecting from natural disaster house is very essential.

Place needed for sheep :
Type of sheep
Floor(square meter)
Up floor(square meter)
Sheep without child(68-90kg)
Sheep with child (68-90kg)
Sheep without child(45-68kg)
Sheep with child(45-68kg)
Male sheep(32kg)
Male sheep(23kg)
Child (6week)
Child(1 week)

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