Farming System of Nilotika

Nilotica is rapid growth full fish is the class of Tilapia ( Mozambique Tilapia) .In 1966, the King of Japan gifted some fries of Nilotica to Thailand  Government. Sen some  fries to Bangladesh as the name of Tilapia In 1954. The species which Thailand gifted Bangladesh is 1974 is name  Nilotica.

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Benefits of Farming Nilotica
* It is possible to farm Nilotica in small pond.
* In tank it is likely to culture.
* You can cultivate it in paddy field. 
* It is able to produce fry.
* It grows rapidly can be with the size of 650-950gm.
* It's farming system is easy and inexpensive.
*It's main food is rice-dust that is available everywhere.

Pond / Selection :
 It,s is better to have the pond sized 25-35 meter .It's depth should be 1-2.5.
Stocking pond with baby Fish :
Baby fish with the size of 3-4cm. Should be collected form Government fry producing farm. Again, collecting female and male fish with big size within 2-3 months. Per Assamese, 2000-3000  baby fishes can be farmed.
Distributing food :
The food which foots is the food that Nilotica is fond of so, 5-6 kg rec-dust to be supplied in the morning and afternoon regularly. for for Nilotica should be given in the feeding-ring  located  in pond. This types of food will be increased 20 per hundred.

Catching fish and Marketing :
Nilotica can be caught in whole year, Because it lays eggs in pond and produces baby fish .For that some fishes becomes appropriate to be caught and others re main baby fish. One should cat ca Nilotica in pond without agitating fishes. It is needed to catch fishes when they get the weight of 200gm each Assamese, it is possible to get production of 500-700 kg in year.

Farming system of  Shrimp :
In Bangladesh, the important of farming shrimp is much for export-income than inland demand, Export income from fish and fishery products in 1994 -45 was 130 corer among these 975 corer to was earned by exporting shrimp only.

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Pond Selection :
For unique shrimp farming, pond with ony size is to be selected. The pond sized 1-3 Assamese is better for obtaining bette4r management facilities. It is essential that the depth of the pond will be 1-1.5 .

Preparing Pond :
It is very important to prepare the particular pond properly to make a hopeful benefit from fisheries.Regarding all the aspects and pants like water , soil, etc.
Stocking young fish/fry : 
The percentage of stocking young fish can be more or less on the basis of fertility of soil, basis of water, environment, weather, supply of food, etc. In the sphere of unique farming, 3000-500 fries per Assamese can be stocked.

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